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My La Galigo

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My Dear Fellow Countrymen,

My ship is harboring now in a beautiful, purple port named Holiday. I have been through such a hard time, battling with an ocean wherein two mighty streams meet and scract each other, and battling with my old-self, which is ignorant, coward, and doubtful.

I found many lighthouses built by the previous travelers. So many they were, I was confused which one I should follow. Yet, I decided to follow those who lead beyond my limit. I have been through it. I have been through it.

I am not trying to say that I am now a clever, brave, and doubtless sailor. There is a harder and more fearful ocean ahead of me; waiting to eat me alive. But I believe I make a progress. I believe that every time I harbor my ship and start to write down my last journey, a progress has been made. And with the hope of a new progress, I shall conquer! Yes, I shall conquer!


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selamat pagi, kawan-kawan! aku sudah diujung perang, aku hampir menang. aku pulang. pulang, pulang, dan pulang!

too bad

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is to keep somebody in your arms

to leave your best friend behind?

if human race has no eyes

no parting ever comes

cause i can never start a thing

and you will not even blink

but you have, i have, people have

yet no one will force their myth on my side

i had denied my own eyes

since then i never see myself