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untuk yang menjadi pemurung sebelum waktunya

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di masa ini sungguh tak mudah untuk mengetahui harus melakukan apa atau apa yang rasanya paling baik. bukan karena tidak ada informasi atau tidak ada yang memberitahu seperti dulu-dulu. tapi justru karena sebaliknya. terlalu banyak informasi, terlalu banyak yang memberitahu. dan, celakanya, semuanya tampak baik. semuanya terbukti masuk akal. semuanya terasa cocok di hati. sungguh aku ingin menjadi pintar dan mempunyai kemampuan membedakan dengan benar.

jika dulu orang-orang berlomba-lomba mencari sebuah kebenaran, hari-hari ini kebenaran-kebenaran berlomba-lomba mengepung seseorang. tidak salah jika seorang penulis hebat dari bandung mengatakan bukan kitalah yang menemukan ide, tapi idelah yang menemukan kita. dengan demikian untuk menjadi hebat di zaman ini adalah bukan dengan menemukan sesuatu dalam kebeningan, namun dengan menyuarakannya apa yang hinggap dalam diri kita secara lantang. selantang mungkin. dengan demikian kau tak tenggelam di tengah-tengah hiruk-pikuk atau riuh-rendah.

ah, sungguh sulit menjadi orang yang menekuni kesunyian hari-hari ini. sungguh sulit menjadi seseorang di patmos atau di padang gurun. ini zaman begitu ramah untuk orang-orang yang berseru-seru di pasar. demikian sabda zarathustra.

LOOW, PHK-I, and E-Fest

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What a week! Last week we accomplished many things. First of all, after a long preparation, on Tuesday and and Wednesday, we conducted the National Conference “Language in the Online and Offline World”. The number of the speakers and participants exceeded our expectation. Based on the survey, they were very satisfied with the conference and expressed a wish that we will conduct a similar event next year. And, as usual, the publications:




The news has been reposted in numerous forums and webs. Check this out:


I’d like acknowledge the hard work of Bu Windy and her team. Special mention about Bu Windy who worked so well as the head of the committee and treasurer at the same time. I’d like to thank also others who were not directly involved in the committee but contributed to the success of the events in one way or another.

Second, I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to my team members in the PHK-I such as Pak Basuki, Bu Windy, Pak Satya, and Bu Yuli. Thank you for being so patient in facing the long and boring process. Thank you for going home very late at night, working in the weekend, and even sleeping at the campus for finishing the complete proposal, budget, tors, and self evaluation. Thank you for being so cool in the times of crisis like last week. All credits go to you, Ladies and Gentlemen. I am very happy to find out that the English Department has managed to propose the highest budget than the other departments. It testifies the seriousness and patience in identifying problems and solutions. If we win the PHKI, we will receive IDR 2.446.500.000. Enough money to open a new program and ‘make over’ the B Building.

Third, I’d like to thank and salute Bu Aylanda who shared with us on Friday her expertise in the Systemic Functional Linguistics. You have made it much more easier for the linguistically ignorant people like your most humble servant 🙂 I believe it will improve not only the knowledge of our linguistic colleagues but also the quality of instruction in their classes.

Fourth, I’d like to thank Pak Jokri and Angie for their willingness and help to judge the teen mag competition (the Final Round of the E-Fest) on Friday. This competition is the first held by our department and we have not formulated the fixed standard for the judging. So it must be a bit tough for you 🙂 Thanks a lot to Bu Liliek who led the E-Fest team. Let’s make the E-Fest next year better. And thank you everyone for your continued service to the Department.

FYI, the Department’s focus this week is back to the Accreditation. Hope we are given the physical and mental endurance to accomplish this, too.